You can rely on Misze Sand Mine for the fast delivery of stone, gravel, aggregate materials, topsoil and sand for your residential and commercial projects. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you with all your needs.

Enjoy the Beauty of Washed Stone

Misze Sand Mine offers you clean wash natural stone and river rock stone at affordable rates. Beautify your outdoor space by adding stone around your home and trees. You can also use it to fill ditches, French drains, and for septic tank drainage.

Muskegon Driveway Construction Sand Topsoil Stone Delivery


Quality gravel and aggregate materials

  Recycled Asphalt - packs well and hard, dark colored and most popular option
  Dolomite, crushed limestone - good material with attractive white color, great hard surface for gravel
 Crushed concrete – cheaper than dolomite, makes a nice light colored driveway, most affordable
  Slag – recycled material, light material, more volume for the weight, attractive grey color
  Road gravel – natural-looking, more maintenance required than other products

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